Nelson Rego

Nelson Rego has in his background a vast experience of more than 2 decades, in the area of ​​real estate valuation and consultancy, being responsible for the general operations of Prime Yield and has as main focus the new businesses and commercial relationships. It has been active since 1998, having obtained certification, by the CMVM, as an expert appraiser of real estate investment funds in 2003. It became a member of the RICS (FRICS) in 2007 and Recongnised European Valuer (REV) by Tegova in 2017. In the field of property valuation and real estate projects, the company he leads collaborates with the main banks operating in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Since 2010, he has worked with the main Funds involved in the purchase and sale of NPL&REO portfolios. With the acquisition of Prime Yield by Gloval, in December 2018, Nelson Rêgo assumed, in parallel with the activity of CEO of Prime Yield, a position at Gloval, responsible for the development of the International business in the areas of real estate appraisal and consultancy for investment funds.

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